Already Have Hosting? Discover the Hexa Cloud Advantage!

Experience the ultimate win/win with Hexa Cloud Services:

  • Price Match Guarantee: We’ll do our best to match the cost of your current host (we’ll promptly provide a confirmation to this)
  • Seamless Migration: Enjoy free migration services
  • Top-tier Support: Access superior support from our highly qualified network admins and engineers
  • Free Performance and Structure Upgrade: Enhance your site’s performance and speed via GTMetrix evaluations.


Special Note: If you’re locked into a yearly contract with your existing host, we may be able to make an exception and host you for free until your contract expires. No more double spending!


At Hexa Cloud Services, our premium hardware and feature licenses can make it challenging to compete with low-cost hosting plans. However, we’re committed to offering the best value and service, even when comparing apples to race cars.

To join the Hexa Cloud family, we’ll need:

  1. A copy of your current hosting invoice
  2. Access to your existing hosting account to review your current specs and migrate your content seamlessly